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Triple duty design keeps conditioned air & packages in and keeps people out!
Chalfant has pioneered the development of dock seal technology that protects buildings, products and employees from the entry of wind, water, snow, dust and dock fumes, which results can be seen in energy savings. And now, with the patent pending Guardian 3-in-1 Dock Seal System, we have added another important benefit; security.

The Guardian 3-1 Dock Seal System unique triple duty design keeps conditioned air and packages in and keeps people out. Let your unattended dock be a safe experience against thieves, who can cut through an ordinary foam core of a dock seal.

The Guardian 3-in-1 Dock Seal System can prevent unauthorized entry and is available with three basic selectable features.

guardian dock seal construction

1. Security Chain-Link Cladding...

Vinyl coated chain-link structure surrounds the foam padding to keep thieves from cutting through the pad to gain access to the trailer and your facility.

2. Strong Unique Mounting Plate...

Heavy-duty wood or optional steel substructure lends stability and rigidity to the dock seal and provides a strong, secure connection to the mounting brackets.

3. Conforming Foam Backing...

Soft foam conforms to irregularities of building walls, providing an air and water-tight seal between the dock pad and the building wall.

Quality Construction
Chalfant dock seals are factory assembled and mounted to kiln dried 2” wood and feature “Weathertight Construction” completely encased inside of the pad cover to protect it from abuse and outside elements. Galvanized steel mounting brackets are available in various sizes for different types of building applications and types of pads. All brackets are bolted to the dock door frame. The Door-Seal pads are positioned in the brackets and attached with lag bolts providing a secure connection to the building and allows quick removal of old units and install of new.

Dock Seal Fabric Performance Specification

Our full range of selected quality fabrics; Vinyl, “High Tear Resistant Guardian 60” fabrics and other optional fabrics, in a variety of colors and available fabric weights, make durable seals and shelters. The dock seal/shelter lifespan depends on the application; lighter duty fabrics have a lower investment cost and are best suited for low volume truck applications.

The Guardian 60, is the most durable and abrasion resistant fabric, it will endure the most demanding applications at the loading dock. Durability of the dock seal will be enhanced if it includes one of the following; wear face, guardian face, guardian pleats. For color selection we recommend black and most loading dock professionals do agree, that is the best color choice due to the contact of dirt, grime and oil on the back over-the-road trucks/trailers and contact with a dock seal/shelter, eventually the face of any dock fabric will turn black.

Fabric Material Choices

  • High Tear G60
  • 22 oz Vinyl
  • 40 oz Vinyl

Tongue Tear Strength (lbs. W×L)

  • 176 X 154
  • 110 X 110
  • 176 X 154

Abrasion Resistance (cycles)

  • 10,000
  • 4,000
  • 9,000

Cold Resistance (at -40°)

  • Pass
  • Pass
  • Pass

Standard laboratory tests and field experience with various dock seal, dock shelter and rail shelter cover fabrics provide long life and superior tear strength, abrasion resistance, resistance to low temperature cold cracking and weatherability. Chalfant dock seal, dock shelter and rail shelter fabric selections include; vinyl, hypalon and neoprene coated nylon. See fabric weights, types and colors in our fabric performance section.

Fabric Color Selection

dock seal fabric black
dock seal fabric blue
dock seal fabric tan
dock seal fabric green
dock seal fabric brown

Note: Fabric Color May Vary From Web Images, Your Chalfant Dealer/Installer Has Fabric Swatches For Your Valued Review and Selection. Other optional colors are available upon request.

Dock Seal Wear Faces

dock seal wea rface
docl seal guardian wear face
dock seal wear face gp 4
docl seal wear face gp 8
dock seal wear face gp 16

Guardian Wear Pleats Add Greater Life To Your Dock Seal, With Greater Protection Comes Longer Life For Your Dock Seal.
Note: Full Length Guide Stripes for 4″ and 8″ wear pleats is optional. Standard height approximately 16″ in height from the bottom of the each side pad.


At Chalfant finding the right dock enclosure for your application just got easier. Whether its a dock seal, hybrid dock seal, flexible dock shelter, rigid dock shelter or or rail shelter, we can help guide you in making the right selection for your application.


Chalfant dock levelers and edge-of-docks are made of tough diamond tread plate design that assures a non-slip surface for greater safety and stops that lock the board firmly in place, for easy loading. Find out which “tough dock leveler” is the right choice for your application.


At Chalfant finding the right dock enclosure for your application just got easier. Whether its a dock seal, hybrid dock seal, flexible dock shelter, rigid dock shelter or or rail shelter, we can help guide you in making the right selection for your application.

quality made built to last dock seals

Proper Loading Dock Equipment Selection

Contact us today for help you with proper loading dock equipment selection for your loading dock equipment application. We can help you in properly select and specify dock seals, dock shelters, rail shelters, dock levelers; hydraulic dock levelers and mechanical dock levelers, truck restraints, and your loading dock equipment needs, to meet your unique needs.