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Series 700 Flex Dock Shelter
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Chalfant Series 700 Flex Dock Shelter to serve as an effective year-round environmental control, protection, sealing at truck dock loading and unloading areas. The general-purpose Series 700 Flex Dock Shelter is completely automatic. The spring loaded frame is compressed when the header curtain is contacted by an incoming truck with the vertical front curtains and bottom seal pads moving inward to the truck sides to complete the seal. When the truck has completed its docking movement, the shelter is held snug against it by the spring loaded frame. As the truck moves away, the shelter returns to its original shape.

Standard Construction Features Summary
The Flex Dock Shelter is designed provide tight seal against rail cars and prevent weather,
exhaust dust, bugs, fumes from entering building.
Heavy-duty steel wood frame top and sides covered with translucent with vinyl fabric
covering which will allow natural light into the dock area.
Flat or optional raked header to allow for drainage.
Draft pads located at the bottom of the side member to prevent air infiltration.
Available in a wide variety of tested high quality fabrics and available in a
large array of colors.
One (1) year Guarantee against manufacturing defects in material & workmanship
from date of installation.

General Options
Flame-Retardant Fabric
Door Numbers On Unit
Raked Header (Standard)
Flat Header (Optional)
Steel Frame

Door Service Size
Ideal door size for the Series 700 Flex Dock Shelter is up to 12 x 12. Recommended seal past bumper 12 minimum.

Truck Service Range
A properly specified Chalfant Series 700 Flex Dock Shelter will have an ideal service range from 110 to 136 high and 80 to 86 wide, sealing the wide variety of over-the-road trucks at your dock.

Stock Models
Model 715V Flex Dock Shelter for door opening 80 x 8'0" up to 10'0x10'0", 24" projection.
Model 715V Flex Dock Shelter for door opening 80 x 8'0" up to 10'0x10'0", 30" projection.
Please call for availablity.
Series 700 Flex Dock Shelter

Series 700 Flex Dock Shelter
Photo Gallery
Loading Dock Equipment Application
Loading Dock Equipment Application
Loading Dock Equipment Application
Series 700 Flex Submittal Brochure
Series 700 Flex Specifications
Dock Survey Sheet

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