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Series MPL Mechanical Dock Leveler
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Chalfant Series MPL Mechanical Dock Levelers offers both strength and ease of operation. We provide variety of dynamic capacities, the MPL Series Leveler provides 18” and 20” lip options, in addition to many other custom features. Dual 60,000 lb. safety legs provide additional strength and support. Deck and lip are constructed of 55,000 lb. minimum yield steel tread plate. Lip keepers serve as night locks for security and provide safe cross-traffic support when unit is stored. Dock bumpers and grease fittings on lip hinge are standard with each unit.

Deck and lip are constructed of 55,000 lb. Minimum Yield Steel Tread Plate.
All CHALFANT ‘MPL’ Series Levelers are exclusively equipped with Solid Steel
Structural “C” Channel for maximum deck support. Each beam is fully welded to a
Full-width Header Plate (6”) at the front of the Leveler.
Direct Extension Spring Design has no moving parts-nothing to service!
Extra Heavy Rear Angle with Strategically Placed Gussets provides maximum
structural support and frame strength.
Continuous Hinge Design with Grease Fittings included as standard with each unit.
Molded Bumpers protect dock face and Leveler from truck damage.

Easy Installation
Front and rear Forklift Slots provide easy access for maneuvering and installation.
Side Ports allow unit to be suspended and lowered into pit from dock floor.

Maintenance Struts are a standard feature on all MPL Series Levelers.
Positive Hold-Down Device allows up and down float when in service.
CHALFANT’s Counterbalance System operates on simple, Direct Extension Spring Design
with no moving parts. Adjustment Nut is located at the front of the Leveler for safe,
easy access.
Lip Keepers serve as night locks for security and provide Safe Cross-traffic Support
when unit is stored. Deck tilts to a maximum of 4” from side to side, compensating for
unleveled trucks.
Working Range Toe Guards protect workers from injury during loading and unloading.
Safety Legs automatically provide below dock support in event of premature
truck departure.

Mechanical Dock Leveler Series MPL
Mechanical Dock Leveler Series MPL
Deck and Lip
25,000; 30,000; 35,000; 40,000;
and 45,000 lb. Dynamic Capacities

6’, 6’ 6”, and 7’ Widths
6’, 8’, and 10’ Lengths
(Custom Sizes Available)
Frame Supports
Structural “C” Channel offers matchless deck support-providing a 39% greater resistance to elastic bending moments than other industry designs.
Positive hold-down device allows up and down float when in service.
Easy Activation
Fully mechanical, single-handed pull-chain operations means no lifting or straining.
Series MPL Leveler Brochure
Series MPL Leveler Specifications
Dock Survey Sheet

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