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Series ETR Automatic Truck Restraint
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Chalfant Series ETR Automatic Truck Restraint makes automatic dock safety affordable and easy. With just the push of a button, the ETR provides in excess of 50,000 lbs. of holding strength for additional safety against unexpected truck movement. The unit’s operating system is completely self-contained within a heavy-duty steel console for protection from dock debris, the elements, and accidental damage. The ETR works without scheduled adjustments or risky manual effort by the operator with only periodic lubrication is the only maintenance necessary!

Bolt-hole Pattern Design provides optimal holding force.
Non-impact Operation meets 1998 ICC regulations.
Fully automatic unit provides Restraining Force in excess of 50,000 Ibs.

Easy Installation
Installs in approximately 1 hour.
Mounts directly to face of new or existing dock using 8 anchor bolts and 2 ground anchors.
Recommended Factory Consultation available for dock heights of less than 48” or 24”
deep pits
Optional Factory Provided Block-out available for bumper projections greater than 4”
(including Edge-of-Dock Levelers).
Optional Steel Mounting Plate for new construction and Template for Pre-mounting
Attachment Bolts.

Simple Operation
Fully automatic unit provides reliable operation with simple, Push-button Control.
Low-profile Restraint Housing height and mounted location do not restrict access to dock
by smaller vehicles such as UPS trucks, delivery vans, or pick-up trucks.

Hook captures and holds all legal ICC Bars. Positive Hold Feature maintains ICC bar
contact with hook while allowing free float with vertical truck movement.
Automatic Restraint Hook is released and retracted effortlessly by dock attendant with
just the touch of a button.
The ETR Communication System includes inside/outside Traffic Light Signals and
Driver Warning Signs.
Fully Enclosed Operating System guards against physical and electrical overload.
Automatic Warning Alarm sounds if the hook does not capture the ICC Bar.

Automatic Truck Restraint Series ETR
Automatic Truck Restraint Series ETR
Restraining Force
More Than 50,000 lbs.

Operating Range
12" to 30"

.25 HP, Single Phase, 115V
Control Box
Automatic Push-Button Control allows for easy operation.
Fully Enclosed Motor
Fully Enclosed Motor requires no assembly. Unit installs in approximately 1 hour.
Positive Hook Contact
Positive Contact Hook captures and holds all legal ICC Bars.
Series ETR Restraint Brochure
Series ETR Restraint Specifications
Series ETR Restraint Submittal
Dock Survey Sheet

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