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Metal Loading Dock Canopy

Featuring a robust all-metal construction, while protecting your assets and people from harsh weather conditions.

Forming a link between manufacturing and transportation and transportation and storage, loading docks perform a critical function in today’s marketplace where a large number of trailers are loaded and unloaded each day by a company. Considering the increasing use of loading docks, it is important for your business to invest in the energy efficiency of the loading dock in order to save more on energy costs, as well as to prevent damage to products and equipment.

At Chalfant Dock Equipment, we provide a comprehensive range of loading dock equipment, helping businesses protect their products, equipment, and workers from extreme weather conditions. The loading dock canopies and shelters that we provide are manufactured to provide optimum stability and durability while reducing energy consumption.

Available in a variety of lengths and designs, our loading dock canopies ensure optimal protection while providing full, unimpeded vehicle access for seamless and safe transportation of goods.

Superior-Quality Solutions for Creating a Safer Worker & Product Environment

At Chalfant Dock Equipment, we understand that when investing in loading dock equipment, the primary concern of a business is its performance and durability. Therefore, we offer superior-quality equipment make from premium-grade materials that offer excellent wear resistant and excellent durability.

Whether you are looking for a loading dock canopy to create a shelter or your primary purpose is to improve protection from the outdoor weather and maintain a safer environment for employees and products, our loading canopies are designed and built to meet your precise specifications and requirements.

We offer loading dock canopies in the following three standard models:

  • DMH-18 — 18 gauge material with 18” projection
  • DMH-24 — 18 gauge material with 24” projection
  • DMH-36 — 14 gauge material with 36” projection

All these standard models are available in the following five standards lengths:

  • 8’0” length metal dock canopy
  • 9’0” length metal dock canopy
  • 10’0” length metal dock canopy
  • 11’0” length metal dock canopy
  • 12’0” length metal dock canopy

In addition to this, we also cater to customers who want a loading dock canopy in a custom size or length. All loading canopies are provided with cable support and have a standard galvanized finish. The canopies can be powder coated in a color of your choice, such as blue green, tan, and white.

Whether your primary concern is the ever-increasing energy costs or you want to create a warm and comfortable workplace to lower absence rates due to illness, our loading dock canopies will help you meet your precise goals by creating a shelter that will keep your products safe from costly water damage, as well as enhance the comfort of your workers by creating a safer and better work environment.

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