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Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler

Chalfant Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Levelers are the affordable choice for many loading dock applications that require simple operation, low-maintenance, long-life, full width access and dynamic ramp capacities. Simply mounts to the face of the dock, typically without expensive concrete work.

mechanical edge-of-dock leveler operation 1

Step 1. Position Bar

mechanical edge-of-dock leveler operation  2

Step 2. Pull bar Back and Down

mechanical edge-of-dock leveler operation  3

Step 3. Push the Bar Forward, Lip Will Extend. Store Handle.

Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Simple Operation

Mechanical E.O.D. Leveler Durability

Easy Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler Installation

Mechanical E.O.D. Leveler Safety

Mechanical E.O.D. Low Maintenance

Setting The Pace In Loading Dock Equipment
At Chalfant we are the 'Nation's Original Dock Seal Manufacturer' and provide a full range of Loading Dock Equipment; Dock Seals, Dock Levelers, Dock Safety Trailer Restraints and associated products. Chalfant has pioneered, developed and provided the industry with quality loading dock equipment since 1940. Safe, affordable, and reliable dock equipment to meet your specific application needs, each and every time.


At Chalfant finding the right dock enclosure for your application just got easier. Whether its a dock seal, hybrid dock seal, flexible dock shelter, rigid dock shelter or or rail shelter, we can help guide you in making the right selection for your application.

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Chalfant dock levelers and edge-of-docks are made of tough diamond tread plate design that assures a non-slip surface for greater safety and stops that lock the board firmly in place, for easy loading. Find out which "tough dock leveler" is the right choice for your application.

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Whether you seek an automatic or manual style truck restraint, Chalfant can help you choose the best truck restraint that will exceed your application demands and provide lowest cost of ownership. With Chalfant we can help you keep your dock safe for years to come.

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Chalfant Dock Equipment

Proper Loading Dock Equipment Selection
Contact us today for help you with proper loading dock equipment selection for your loading dock equipment application. We can help you in properly select and specify dock seals, dock shelters, rail shelters, dock levelers; hydraulic dock levelers and mechanical dock levelers, truck restraints, and your loading dock equipment needs, to meet your unique needs.