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Series 500 Construction
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Quality Features and Materials
Standard laboratory tests and field experience with various dock seal, dock shelter and rail shelter cover fabrics provide long life and superior tear strength, abrasion resistance, resistance to low temperature cold cracking and weatherability. Chalfant dock seal, dock shelter and rail shelter fabric selections include; vinyl, hypalon and neoprene coated nylon. See fabric weights, types and colors in our fabric performance section.










Head Curtain Assembly - The curtain length shall be equal to the overall unit width and is attached to the frame by fastners, standard head curtain height is 24".
Rollers for Arm and Track - Rollers are four wheel design, made of galvanized steel tested to 1,000 lb. load limit, equipped with needle bearings and sealed. Four rollers furnished with each unit.
Track - Continous slot hot-dipped galvanized 14-gauge steel.
Arm and Framing - Galvanized pipe arms with galvanized fittings and continuous hot-dipped galvanized 14-gauge steel channel.
Head Curtain and Side Curtains - Choice of fabrics 22 oz vinyl, 16 oz hypalon, 16 oz neoprene, 40 oz neoprene and 40 oz vinyl, in a wide variety of colors.
Guide Stripes - Made of extra layer of vinyl coated fabric sewn on the face of the side curtains.
Fiberglass Stays - Stays to be contained between outer and inner covers to insure constant pressure with the truck.
Thread - Chalfant carefully selects all materials for durability, including thread which is polyester heavy-duty, minimum size 138 bonded. Meets Federal Specification V-T-285.
Four Sided Rail Shelter - Optional four sided rail shelter provides maximum protection of all 4 sides where no platform exist.
Mounting Angle - Galvanized 14 gauge steel mounting brackets are used for standard installations.

Our quality reputation, design, material know-how and fabricating capabilities have kept Chalfant dock seals, dock shelters and rail shelters foremost in the industry. We furnish easy to follow, step-by-step installation instructions and drawings with each order.
Series 500 Rail Shelter Construction
Series 500 Soft Shelter Construction Four Sided Unit
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Loading Dock Equipment Application
Loading Dock Equipment Application
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Series 500 Specifications

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