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Why Loading Dock Safety Matters...
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Loading docks are one of the most dangerous parts of any facilities operations; just one single accident can have a direct cost as much as one million dollars. An accident can create financial hardship affecting your client’s entire company, that's why good safety practices make good business sense. The National Safety Council reported in 2004, that the direct cost for accidents was $85 billion to US industry alone, the tip of the iceberg for direct costs of injuries; medical costs, wage indemnity and claims administration fees.

The bulk of the iceberg, indirect cost of injuries; damaged equipment and goods, lost production, and quality, process interruptions/yield losses, replacement labor/overtime, litigation, higher insurance premiums and liability, damage to customer relations and public image, management and supervision time, missed shipments, management-labor relations, as well as increase sales to offset the expense of just one serious accident.

To offset the cost of one accident, your clients business would need to increase sales, and at a 10-percent profit margin it would necessitate an additional $10 million in new sales.

Chalfant dock seals, dock shelters, dock levelers, trailer restraints and wheel chocks can help lower the risk of accidents; slip and falls, back-injuries, trailer separation from the dock and premature truck departure. Planning the loading dock with safety in mind is the first step to minimizing the hazardous loading dock area. The second step is to properly install and train personnel on how to use the equipment safely. The third step is to properly maintain the dock equipment.

Note: It is the employer's responsibility to ensure proper training and operating practices of their employee's.
The Cost Of An Accident
Just One Accident Can Create Financial Hardship

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